Welcome to Curasa




CURASA is a Dar es salaam based clothing Brand that represents quality and style.  Founded under the cores of HipHop, well know by his stage name Semy Page,  Curasa is  been working  on the basis of creativity, Uniqueness and responsibility.

It started as a small run of  men’s T-shirts’  and grown to brand that designs both men and women different outfits. We create our own but also redesign already made clothes.

For now, we offer branded men and female t-shirts, sweaters, Hoods, female tops, and caps.  All of these products are certainly original.

We are committed to creativity and differentiation, with collections designed to match stylistic life of today’s Young people and a clear inspiration in the art world.

We also give our customers a chance to design with us, bring in their crazy ideas, and together we come up with products of a classic touch.  We have grown up with a passion for the fashion world and we love to uncover its wonders and evolve with it.